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Learning a language isn’t always so easy.

The lack of good language learning material is a real struggle…

When we stumbled on a new… more effective way of learning a language… we knew it was our responsibility to bring it out to other language learners to learn the language they always wanted. 

The RWL Method

Can one change increase your language acquisition by 325%?

All language learners have been there.

That moment where you’ve studied something endlessly and then just a short time after, you can’t remember it.

This happens all the time and it can be incredibly discouraging and this is just the way it goes when you’re using old and boring ways to learn a language such as the ”repeat after me” method that most classes and apps are using.

But there is a better, smarter and more fun way of learning languages.

A method that uses fun stories to give you contextual learning.

Best of all, some suggest that this other method can be up to 325% better for language acquisition!

It’s called The RWL Method.

RWL stands for Reading While Listening and according to some studies, it can more than 3x your learning acquisition!

In fact, according to a study written by Anna Ching-Shyang Chang (Hsing Wu University), students who had been using the RWL method grew their vocabulary by WHOPPING 325% more than the students who had used a mix of other methods.


Let that sink in for a minute…

What could you do with 3x your current vocabulary?

One of the reasons this works so well is that it allows you to practice both reading and listening comprehension at the same time.

By using both of these senses (sight and hearing) you’re giving your brain more information to work with which makes it easier for your brain to draw parallels and associations, thus making it easier to remember.

We also strongly recommend using reading while listening together with the power of storytelling.

We humans have been using stories to learn, teach and entertain each other since the dawn of time when we gathered around campfires and spoke of the wonders of the uncharted world.

Thousands of years later, this hasn’t changed at all!

By telling and listening to engaging stories, we are able to implant ideas and lessons into our minds, just like children do while growing up.

The proven solution to successful language learning is to get both contextual learning and maximum language exposure and you’ll get just that by reading and listening to stories at the same time.

How we can help you

We are all in on helping you learn the language you always wanted.

That is our highest priority. 

So we have created a large library of helpful language learning resources that you will find helpful during your language learning journey.