Conversational Tagalog Dialogues

Conversational Tagalog Dialogues

Conversational Tagalog Dialogues

This book is perfect for Tagalog learners that want to improve their conversational skills.


About the book:

Are you interested in learning Tagalog for a trip to this wonderful Austronesian nation? Perhaps you wish to talk like a native Filipino and get on with the locals?

If your answer to the previous questions was ‘Yes’, then this book is for you!

Tagalog is one of the less spoken and rarer languages you’ll find around Southeast Asia and the world, which makes your interest in it very special! Because of this, we’ve created a very entertaining book that will help you master the language of the Philippines, an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia.

In this book, we have compiled OVER ONE HUNDRED conversational Tagalog dialogues along with their translations into English, allowing new Tagalog speakers to obtain the necessary tools to understand how to set a meeting, rent a car or tell a doctor that they don’t feel well. If speaking the language fluently is your goal, this book is for you!


How Conversational Tagalog Dialogues works:

  • Each new chapter will have a fresh, new story between two people who wish to solve a common, day-to-day issue that you will surely encounter in real life.
  • A Tagalog version of the conversation will take place first. Here, we will challenge your skills by allowing you to read the dialogue in its original tongue – don’t worry, they’re all at a level that a beginner or intermediate speaker can cope with!
  • Accurate English translations follow each Tagalog conversation, providing you with the opportunity to understand everything that has been said.
  • A helpful introduction and conclusion that will offer you important strategies, tips and tricks to allow you to get the most out of this learning material.


At Lingo Mastery, we want you to feel comfortable while learning languages; after all, no language should be a barrier for you to travel around the world and expand your online and offline social circles!

So, look no further! Pick up your copy of Conversational Tagalog Dialogues and start learning Tagalog right now!


Where to buy?

We recommend getting this book on Audible as you will get a free copy of the PDF with your audiobook so you can read and listen at the same time.

You can also purchase the Kindle and Paperback through Amazon.

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