Dutch Made Easy Level 1


Dutch Made Easy Level 1

This is a great book for those who are starting to learn Dutch.


About the book:

Are you looking to read, speak and write Dutch like a native?

Your journey begins here.

Right now as a Dutch student, you might be feeling: “Als een kip zonder kop”, a famous Dutch saying that translates to “Like a chicken without a head”. We understand, Dutch can be a maze to navigate. But with approximately 25 million speakers in the Netherlands and 30 million worldwide, learning Dutch can open up an array of opportunities, especially considering the Netherlands’ strong economic standing in Europe.

But where do you start? How do you grasp the intricacies of Dutch pronunciation and the unique sentence structures? Often, the answer is a comprehensive guide; the perfect learning material that evolves you from a Dutch enthusiast to a “Nederlands Deskundige” (Dutch Expert)!

Introducing: Dutch Made Easy Level 1 – An Easy Step-By-Step Approach To Learn Dutch for Beginners (Textbook + Workbook Included)!


Inside this initial workbook of the series, you’ll find:

  • A detailed introduction walking you through the Dutch alphabet, Dutch accents, and the complexities of pronunciation and grammar that many overlook!
  • Regular exercise segments that challenge and educate you on a diverse range of topics such as making small talk, asking for directions, conversing in formal settings, ordering in restaurants, and more – with each exercise being distinctively unique!
  • Engaging lessons on Dutch customs and popular sayings, designed to make you feel like a true Nederlander by the time you finish!
  • An array of vibrant, high-definition images that make the learning process both fun and visually stimulating for learners of all ages!
  • BONUS: Tired of reading? Audio exercises and listening sections make this book even more powerful as your number one Dutch-learning resource!

Embark on your Dutch language journey with Dutch Made Easy Level 1 – and speak like a local before you know it!

Grab your copy of Dutch Made Easy Level 1 – An Easy Step-By-Step Approach To Learn Dutch for Beginners (Textbook + Workbook Included) and elevate your Dutch today!


Where to buy?

You can purchase the Paperback through Amazon.