French Made Easy Level 1

French Made Easy Level 1

French Made Easy Level 1

This is a great book for those who are starting to learn French.


About the book:

Learning to read, speak and write French like a native?

Your journey begins here.


Oh là là! C’est une grande nouvelle! Up to 300 million people across the globe speak French, so it makes a lot of sense that you would want to learn it. After all, the French language is not just a Romance language but also the language of romance! Spoken as an official language in 29 countries, its reach spreads beyond those nations, as communities in every continent have helped spread the language worldwide. Think French Guiana, Dominica… or French Polynesia, in the Pacific Ocean… it’s everywhere!

And as for why – travel, love, friendship, business – these are just a few of many reasons to learn this magnificent, elegant and very expressive language. But how in the world do you conquer the challenge of diving into French vocabulary and grammar? Well, sometimes all you need is the right resource; the ideal learning material that will guide you from French hopeful to a complete “spécialiste du français”!

What we’re talking about is French Made Easy Level 1 – An Easy Step-By-Step Approach To Learn French for Beginners (Textbook + Workbook Included)!


In this first level of the French Made Easy series, we include:

  • An incredibly in-depth section at the beginning that guides you through the French alphabet, French accents and those tricky genders, pronunciations and rule exceptions that some teachers forget to tell you about!
  • Frequent and numerous exercise sections that will keep you challenged and constantly learning new abilities, such as asking for the time, requesting directions, small talk with a friend, speaking formally at work, ordering food and more (most importantly – no two exercises are the same, as we’ve diversified them as much as possible)!
  • Incredible, rich listening exercises that will add a new dimension to reading and help you develop your French listening and pronunciation!
  • Finally, a ton of beautiful, high-quality images that have been added to keep things accessible and, over all, entertaining for all age groups!

Start learning French with the first level of our French Made Easy workbook series – you’ll be talking and writing like a native in no time!

Pick up your copy of French Made Easy Level 1 and level up your French language learning and speaking skills right now!


Where to buy?

You can purchase the Paperback through Amazon.