French Verbs Made Easy Workbook

French Verbs Made Easy Workbook

French Verbs Made Easy Workbook

This is a great book for those who are starting to learn how to conjugate verbs in French.


About the book:

Are you struggling with the verbs and conjugations of the French language?

Spoken by close to 300 million people around the world and 20% of Europe, the French language can be tricky to learn if you’re not a native. After all, certain aspects of the tongue pose quite a challenge for those who are not yet used to this wonderfully romantic language. And when it comes to both conjugations and verbs, we’re talking about essential language elements that you must master in your French journey… or you’ll struggle to communicate.

But worry not, we’ve solved this problem and want to prepare you to unlock your full French fluency – we present French Verbs Made Easy Workbook, a stellar workbook created by top language teachers, which will not only teach you how to dominate French conjugations and verbs like an expert, but also put you to the test in terms of knowledge!

How French Verbs Made Easy Workbook works:

  • With an amazingly straightforward introduction section at the beginning, you will learn the alphabet and simple pronunciations, as well as gain an understanding of verbs and their structure.
  • Covering every single type of conjugation and verb used in native French, we have created some easy-to-digest sections that include theoretical insight into each of them, their construction and endless examples that will illustrate their usage in daily conversations, as well as professional situations.
  • BONUS: Every chapter contains a number of high-resolution images for better understanding, and we have added reminders and notes for you to ease your learning!
  • Next up, a great variety of exercises awaits – create sentences, fill in blanks, write your own examples and more in this challenging workbook. INCLUDES AUDIO EXERCISES!
  • Having trouble with a few of the exercises? No worries, we have added an in-depth answer key at the very end of the workbook to help you solve any problems.


Your French journey will be so much easier once you have acquired our workbook and started to unlock your full fluency.

It’s time to learn. Pick up the French Verbs Made Easy Workbook now!


Where to buy?

You can purchase the Paperback through Amazon.