Full List of Colors in Spanish

full list of colors in spanish

Full List of Colors in Spanish

by Feb 15, 2018Spanish Articles, Spanish Vocabulary

Full List of Colors in Spanish for Beginners

The full list of colors in Spanish is one of the first lessons (or the most basic) when you start learning Spanish. Moreover, knowing the full list of colors in Spanish will allow the learners to communicate with other people in a better way, allowing them to ask for indications and much more. This is why you must have the correct tools to be able to find the necessary information in your day-to-day basis, and colors are one of the most essential of them.

Therefore, we provide you the following colors in Spanish list with English translations so you can learn them in an easier way. Let’s get started!


Colors in Spanish List


  • Black = Negro
  • White = Blanco
  • Yellow = Amarillo
  • Blue = Azul
  • Red = Rojo
  • Green = Verde
  • Orange = Naranja
  • Violet = Violeta/Morado
  • Purple = Púrpura
  • Pink = Rosa
  • Gray = Gris
  • Brown = Marrón
  • Silver = Plateado/Plata
  • Gold = Dorado/Oro
  • Lemon = Limón
  • Lime = Lima
  • Mustard = Mostaza
  • Lavender = Lavanda
  • Lilac = Lila
  • Salmon = Salmón
  • Fuchsia = Fucsia
  • Magenta = Magenta
  • Scarlet = Escarlata
  • Burgundy = Borgoña
  • Ivory = Marfil
  • Champagne = Champaña
  • Beige = Beige
  • Ocher = Ocre
  • Copper = Cobre
  • Amber = Ámbar
  • Aquamarine = Aguamarina
  • Turquoise = Turquesa
  • Cyan = Cian
  • Baby Blue = Azul Claro
  • Prussian Blue = Azul de Prusia
  • Navy Blue = Azul Marino
  • Jade = Jade
  • Olive = Verde Oliva


We have provided you with a full list of colors in Spanish, so now you can ask “Can you come and pick me up at the blue house, please?” (“¿Puedes venir a buscarme a la casa azul, por favor?”) or say “I want that cake with the yellow frosting” (“Quiero ese pastel con el glaseado amarillo”), and build many other sentences to achieve whatever you want.


Bonus Section – List of Tones for the Colors in Spanish


Now, we’ll give you a list of words which complement the colors in Spanish, so that you can play with the entire color spectrum and increase your vocabulary.


  • Light “X” = “X” Claro (For example: Light Green – Verde Claro)
  • Medium “X” = “X” Medio (For example: Medium Vermilion – Bermellón Medio)
  • Dark “X” = “X” Oscuro (For example: Dark Yellow – Amarillo Oscuro)
  • Pale “X” = “X” Pálido (For example: Pale Lavender – Lavanda Pálido)
  • Electric “X” = “X” Eléctrico (For example: Electric Blue – Azul Eléctrico)
  • Metallic “X” = “X” Metálico (For example: Metallic Bronze – Bronce Metálico)
  • Pastel “X” = “X” Pastel (For example: Pastel Orange – Naranja Pastel)
  • Old “X” = “X” Viejo (For example: Old Rose – Rosa Viejo)


Finally, we can suggest you always practice and keep learning to improve your Spanish-speaking skills.

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