How to Learn Spanish Online with a Spanish Language Tutor

Spanish Language tutor

How to Learn Spanish Online with a Spanish Language Tutor

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You want to learn Spanish online with a Spanish language tutor. So finding the best teacher for your individually unique situation is paramount for ultimate language fluency success.

Since speaking one on one with a native Spanish speaker who has been speaking it all throughout their life, it is completely reasonable to find a Spanish trainer who will mimic such real-world conditions so you can accelerate your learning.

Basically, getting an experienced, professional tutor will show you the finer points of the language. This way, you gain great in-depth, often little-known golden nuggets of information not typically found in common classroom textbooks, workbooks, and practice sheets.

It is this one on one human, a deeply emotional experience that really enriches the language learning experience. No other software can simulate this, no artificial intelligence can guide you, adjust to your learning style, and your capabilities at your pace.

And that is the very heart of a Spanish language tutor. He or she will help reach deep inside you to convey not only the concepts and the grammar rules but the soul of the language as well.

For example, you will get to know some Spanish teachers. They can reveal the most intriguing aspect of teaching and learning. Experiences not commonly known. Here is an example. How about insight into the words speakers say when in a romantic situation. Or in a daily circumstance involving legal proceedings. Or a business transaction using Spanish slang to sweeten the deal.

Now what follows are some sites when looking for a Spanish language tutor, and their corresponding reviews to help you ascertain which companies could fit your language learning needs perfectly. Feel free to browse, ask questions, interact, and just maybe, you will find yourself completely confident and fluent in speaking Spanish. Happy learning!

Live Lingua Review

Spanish language tutor on Live Lingua

As the “world’s first total immersion language school online,” Live Lingua is regarded for Spanish lessons. There are a plethora of free and paid resources for every level of proficiency. This includes the Peace Corps language archive, FSI language courses, and DLI language material.

A free, sixty-minute trial lesson is available. Therefore you have an entire unpaid lesson to decide if Live Lingua is right for you. When you continue your classes, rates are as low as $10.99 per hour. There is no minimum purchase. But as is the case, buying more sessions and booking larger amounts of time slots gets you the biggest discounts. As a result, you have greater flexibility in your spending options to save money and time. In fact, while you are deciding, you can avail of the multitude of free information on Live Lingua to get you started quickly.

All the instructors have university degrees, and a lot of the teachers have Masters and PhDs. In addition, your Spanish language tutor lives in Spain or Latin America. So you can rest assured you are getting a dyed in the wool native speaker. You will not have to worry about the level of instruction because Live Lingua stresses quality over quantity.

Check Out Live Lingua

123SpanishTutor Review

Just like the name suggests, 123SpanishTutor is solely dedicated to how to learn Spanish online. They state you learn to communicate without getting bored with their non-repetitive, innovative methods. This website uses task-based instruction. Which results in higher interaction and greater retention. An example is real-world, real-life situations. Take, for instance, buying groceries. Everyone buys food all over the world. Or how about asking for directions to the nearest post office. This puts the student in an actual, useful conversation beyond the confines of a classroom.

On 123SpanishTutor, Spanish lessons online start from $16 per hour. Get discounts when you buy packages of five or more sessions. With these Spanish tutor rates, the quality of instruction is higher. All of the Spanish tutors for adults hail from Spain and South America. Users can buy lessons in packs of five, ten, and up to twenty sessions. Of course, the more you buy, the deeper the discount.

But before you commit to charging your credit card, you can try a free thirty-minute lesson. This includes an assessment of your present skill level. And you will know where you stand or what you need to work on. Once you understand this, you progress faster. You have a structured, trackable progression you can see.

Preply Review

At Preply, you can find a Spanish tutor along with instructors in other subjects. On the website, you see instructors available in languages, academic fields, and hobbies. Spanish lessons online are one of the first offerings. During your free time, you can try art classes or learn programming languages. The website navigation is easy, friendly, and intuitive. At your convenience, you can even send a request for experts on staff to choose the best teacher for you. This saves you heaps of time. You learn faster and save money too. And you join a community with more than 170,000 students to date.

The Skype language tutor sets their preferred price. A wide range of price points gives you greater freedom to choose. After you make your selection and booked a time slot, each lesson is an hour long in duration. Teacher reviews are displayed clearly to help you make your final decision. And you see the home country of Spanish tutors for adults. Want to ask before you try? Send a quick message to contact a personal Spanish tutor. Hopefully getting to know a few prospects here and there will help you learn Spanish at home.

Preply is quite a flexible website if you have multiple interests. It is like an educational buffet with different delightful flavors of study!

Verbling Review

At Verbling, each online Spanish tutor sets their own pricing standards. Online class prices range from $5 to $75. So quality could vary wildly. And an additional perk is people, friends, and families can even purchase gift cards in numerous denominations. After you sign up, you can avail of the Verbling dashboard. This is for reviewing things like flash cards and completing homework assignments.

It really is exciting the read the reviews about a Spanish language tutor. You can see how some students rave about their favorite instructor. And then they give reasons why they are loyal to them. After your class, feel free to do the same. Because teacher reviews help tutors in Spanish improve. They become better at teaching, to benefit future students like you.

It is easy to navigate around Verbling. There are no difficulties to finding important information. Things like pricing are clearly marked. Instructor country of origin is plain to see. And members of the community participate in discussions. Verbling lets people collaborate online. There is a Workspace students and teachers can use to work together. Things like curriculums, lesson plans, drills, and worksheets can be completed in less time. This helps make the learning experience much more fun and engaging.

Nulengua Review

Nulengua, in addition to Spanish online instruction, also offers translations for legal documentation purposes, books authored in different international editions, and other areas where rewriting a document is necessary, to be read, studied, reviewed, and absorbed by people who fully understand Spanish speaking environments.

When you book a session via Skype every lesson is fifty minutes of teaching time. Pricing models seem pretty simple, clearly stated to start at a mere $10 US dollars per session (based on a prepaid token system, as stated clearly on the pricing web page). Lesson price points are dependent on the tutors and seem to not be set by the website itself. All of the instructors are either from Guatemala or Ecuador. And what is great is Nulengua provides further continuing education training to keep its teaching staff current, thus meeting the demands of today’s intense, fast-paced teaching and learning spectrums.

One nice reminder Nulengua tells its visitors is that depending on the company you work for, fees are often reimbursable. This is a great perk for those with employers who understand the inherent value in having a staff member who is multilingual. this is  a key advantage for promotions. Also, you gain greater salaries. And open up further career opportunities.

Skooli Review

Skooli is a general education website that not only offers a Spanish language tutor. There are other subjects you can choose to study as well. In addition to languages, Skooli offers classes in science (biology and chemistry to name a few), math, and a host of other fields to raise grades, like varsity and economics. All of the instructors hold a teaching license, master’s, or Ph.D. So this is a premium website with the highest quality, professionally-licensed, expert, board-certified teachers who have the proper official credentials to prove it.

The target market is, of course, young people in elementary schools, teenagers in either middle school or high school, or mature young adults attending college or university. And the marketing seems to be focused on the parents. Those who are willing to do all it takes to give their children the best boost for life success in their chosen fields.

Spanish language training rates at Skooli will be on the high side. Because the quality of the fully credentialed teachers is particularly stellar, the prices are shown to reflect that. This is understandable, given the premium pricing costs of a proper formal education. There are no monthly subscriptions, nor monthly payments. You will only pay for the tutoring time, and nothing more. At the going rate of $49 per hour, you know your time with a tutor at Skooli will be impeccable and unwasted.

Lingo Live Review

The description states “Enterprise language learning for tech companies”. Lingo Live is primarily focused on people learning languages to advance their careers. It emphasizes language learning at the professional level. Thus it is for workforces to progress employee journeys within their specific professional sectors. It is geared toward the modern workplace. Lingo Live hopes to “close the communication gaps that muddy tech companies’ core values and slow their growth.”

It is an interesting angle to take during your search for a Spanish language tutor. Lingo Live found a niche market to serve language learners who are driven to excel professionally. If you are a fresh graduate just out of college or university, this could be the perfect option for you to get a leg up on your competition. You can stand out from the ocean of applicants you will undoubtedly face and hit the ground running when you land that dream job dealing with clients, business partners, or customers who speak your target language.

Prices are not stated outright on the website. But given the nature of enterprise-class provider companies, this is the norm. Based on Google searches, expect to pay corporate rates, which obviously are much higher in the business to business (B2B) marketplace, compared to companies in the business to consumer (B2C) marketplace.

Lingoda Review to get a Spanish language tutor

What makes Lingoda different from a majority of the sites reviewed in this article is that Lingoda offers actual classes in small groups, with no more than five students in each instance. No matter if you choose group or private class instruction, each online practice session will run for sixty minutes.

Clearly stated on the front page is that all language learning materials are included for all levels from A1 to C2. These ranges of designations arise from the origins of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, abbreviated in English as CEFR or CEF or CEFRL. As you journey in your quest for a Spanish language tutor, perhaps this European standard classification is a good set of guidelines to follow.

As to rates they have several options. For example, you are given a selection of three tiers. Which are Basic ($119 per month), Pro ($179 per month), and Premium ($289 per month). Surprisingly, you only get one private class with the Basic package, two private classes with the Pro package, and three private sessions in the Premium package. All of these tiers offer a seven-day money back guarantee. This is convenient if you feel their language learning services are not a good fit for your individual learning style. But other class payment rates can be had. Meaning, you can choose to focus only on group classes or choose to have only private classes.

Italki Review

For italki, their claim to global teaching fame is having over 5,000 teachers in any language. They clearly state on their home page that there are three million language learners registered on their site. Over one hundred languages are available for your learning needs. They give you the handy choice to choose from professionally trained and duly certified teachers. Or you can get what they call community teachers. Who are passionate about sharing with you the love for their language. It is assumed community teachers might not have any certifications at all, but this could be your chance to chat with people who really pour their heart into the love of language learning.

Here’s a unique instance, noted from browsing the tutors. It is how foreign accents can be corrected or improved upon.This was mentioned for those who may be conscious of their accents. Therefore, now you have a chance to raise your level of competency. And confidence at speaking aloud in everyday situations goes up.The search for certain types of teachers can be filtered. So according to your preferences, factors like being more business-centric language learning, or focusing on specific age groups

As to pricing models, you can try a paid trial. Which seems fair if you are serious about learning the language and getting to know the teaching style of the tutors. Individual tutoring providers set their own prices. So shop around within the site to get a better feel how to proceed with your language learning progressions.

121 Spanish Review

To find a Spanish language tutor online, 121Spanish can offer instructional material based on the student’s learning level. Whether a basic beginner, an intermediate learner with some experience, or an advanced pupil looking to take their Spanish-speaking game to the next level, 121Spanish is a great way to progress through the journey to full language fluency.

They give a great suggestion of switching tutors whenever you feel comfortable to do so. This is an advantage to avoid boredom. Or try different tutors to see their individual teaching styles. Then, as time goes by, you can refer to one specific teacher who is particularly good at teaching grammar, while another teacher might be good at relating pronunciation techniques to your specific situation.

Every Spanish language tutor caps classes at the fifty-minute mark. You can purchase from four pre-set packages according to your particular language learning needs. Your first class is free. Like a lot of other sites who offer online language learning. If you feel you only need one class, it will cost you $17.50. So obviously it is best to go for the pre-packaged program. You can get either 19 classes ($16.62 each), 29 classes ($15.75 each), or 40+ classes ($14.87 each).

Verbal Planet review for a Spanish language tutor

With more than 2,000 native speaking teachers from all over the world offering a myriad of languages to learn, Verbal Planet is a delightful site that gives quite helpful details about the instructors available to students. For example, before you even book your first class, you can download a lesson plan to see their unique approach to help you learn your chosen language. And another nice feature is that Verbal Planet allows you to message the teacher, too. Just like in real life, when you are looking for a Spanish language tutor, you can approach the instructor of your choice. Ask questions about their individual teaching style. Gauge if they perfectly fit for your language learning needs.

All the classes are forty-five minutes long in duration with a Spanish language tutor. The pricing can vary a tiny bit. With about twenty dollars per class being the general norm. Language learners can filter and refine the search for tutors. Which is based on specific criteria. One example is those that offer loyalty discounts. While another variable lists the last, most recent class given by that specific instructor. Viewers can even see the reviews left by past students, so it is really easy to get the overall picture as to the quality a language teacher can offer during your class time spent with them.

Speak Shop Review

At, all of the Spanish language tutors for adults are fully certified and reside Guatemala.You can register for no fees at all. What is great is that you do not need a credit card at all when you try one free lesson conducted over Skype. After you sign up, you can browse through the wide selection of teachers available. You can see who can fit your specific schedule, no matter what time zone you are in all over the world. This is a great site to learn Spanish because your Spanish language tutor will adjust your custom-made program as you progress. Then adjust, and change your abilities throughout the course.

Then, after your free course with a Spanish language tutor is complete, pay $9.99 per month. Lesson fees range from $10 to $12 per hour. The interesting thing about is that the website claims it does not take any percentage of the fees from the Skype language tutor. All of the revenue goes straight to the online Spanish provider. You can even watch actual demonstrations of past students who have enjoyed the course. This will give you an idea as to what actually takes place before you even take a free trial lesson yourself. There are even bios of some of the teachers who have been giving lessons for over ten years.

Spanish Via Skype Review

Spanish via Skype with a Spanish language tutor, is a pleasant site to navigate. You can watch actual class demos. You can ask for one free class. No commitment expected. Should you decide not to continue taking further courses, it is not a problem at all. The wonderful feature about Spanish via Skype is that right when you land on the homepage, you can get more information specific to your learning requirements. This can range from survival Spanish, which gives you a great foundation to speak enough Spanish to get by. Particularly if you are traveling to a place where the majority of locals you will interact with are Spanish natives. Or you can take courses to specifically pass two types of exams (SIELE exam or DELE exam).

As to Spanish tutor rates, they have a wide variety of prices to choose from, which can be as inexpensive as eleven euros, which is about $13.50 in US dollars. And each class lasts 40 minutes. One unique feature of Spanish via Skype is that students get a class report after each Spanish language session. This report gives the student a tangible idea of what specific areas to keep practicing on and lets the learner know how they are progressing throughout the course. It is a fantastic feature if you prefer constructive criticism about your performance.

Spanish Academy Review

Spanish Academy, from the moment you land on the website, tells you straight away that its primary focus is to help teach children using a Spanish language tutor. Especially those who study from home as a result of choice or necessity. Of course, there are courses for adults. But the primary focus is on kids from preschool, all the way up to high school. One unique feature that stands out quite clearly is that Spanish Academy tells you to “plan your life first, then schedule your classes.”  Thus, this stands out because it does not come across as pushing you too hard. You do not feel hurried to book a class. You can take as much time as you need. This is comforting compared to other sites, that rush you straight into the booking and payment phase of taking courses.

Another one of a kind feature is you can actually join a class to save money. That way, students do not grow bored. They can decide if they want to change things up a little and go for an individual tutor. Once learners become more socially active, they can gain confidence by participating in an actual online class with other peers. As to pricing rates, there are three specific packages to choose from. The first package is fifteen classes at $14.60 per class. The next package contains thirty classes for $12.30 per class, while the third package gives you sixty classes at $9.98 per class.

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