30 Phrases you must add to your Shopping in Spanish Vocabulary

shopping in spanish vocabulary

30 Phrases you must add to your Shopping in Spanish Vocabulary

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30 Useful Phrases for Shopping in Spanish

There are many situations in which you will need to know, at least, the basic shopping in Spanish vocabulary. Either in a Mexican market or a Colombian store, for example, you will need to discern the words for shopping in Spanish language; especially if you want to get what you want and ask for.

Therefore, it is very important for us to teach you these Spanish shopping phrases, primarily so you can have the essential tools to solve any situation that may arise. We consider it especially relevant that you take a look at the list below, because it will be helpful for you in a lot of ways.

 List of shopping in Spanish vocabulary

First of all, you need to know the phrases “por favor” (“please”) and “gracias” (“thank you”); which are part of the manners for shopping in Spanish vocabulary in every region.

  • What time does this store open/close? – ¿A qué hora abre/cierra esta tienda?
  • How much does this cost? – ¿Cuánto cuesta esto?
  • You gave me the wrong change. – Me dio el cambio equivocado.
  • Can I have a refund? – ¿Me da un reembolso?
  • I don’t have the receipt. – No tengo el recibo.
  • Can I pay by credit card? – ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta de crédito?
  • Can you exchange it for a new one? – ¿Puede cambiarlo por uno nuevo?
  • I will come back soon/later. – Voy a volver pronto/luego.
  • I will think about it. – Lo voy a pensar.
  • Is this on sale? – ¿Esto está en oferta?
  • I’m only looking. – Sólo estoy mirando.
  • Where can I buy (product)? – ¿Dónde puedo comprar (producto)?
  • Can I talk to the manager? – ¿Puedo hablar con el gerente?
  • Do you have a delivery service? – ¿Tiene servicio de entregas?
  • Does this product have a guarantee? – ¿Este producto tiene garantía?
  • What is its expiration date? – ¿Cuál es su fecha de vencimiento?
  • Can you give me a discount on it? – ¿Puede darme una rebaja/un descuento en eso?
  • What are your business hours? – ¿Cuál es su horario de atención?
  • I would like one of those. – Quisiera uno de esos.

These are general phrases for shopping in Spanish that you can use when you are buying different kinds of items, from souvenirs to food.

 Clothes/shoes shopping in Spanish vocabulary

  • It has a stain/crack here. – Tiene una mancha/rotura aquí.
  • It is damaged here. – Está dañado/maltratado aquí.
  • Do you have it in (color)? – ¿Lo tiene en (color)?
  • Can I have (number) of those in different colors? – ¿Puede darme (número) de esas de diferentes colores?
  • Can you exchange it for another color? – ¿Puede cambiarlo por otro color?
  • I took the wrong color/size. – Tomé el color/la talla equivocado(a).
  • I would like to try it on. – Me gustaría probármelo(a).
  • Can you exchange it for a small/medium size? – ¿Puede cambiarlo por una talla pequeña/mediana?
  • Can you exchange it for a large/extra large size? – ¿Puede cambiarlo por una talla grande/extra grande?
  • This is too tight/big on me. – Esto está demasiado apretado/grande para mí.
  • It doesn’t quite fit me. – No me queda bien.

In addition, if you need to use the feminine mode of a word you must change the “o” for an “a”, for example, “equivocado” for “equivocada” (with a few exceptions).

On the other hand, these phrases are used for specific shopping in Spanish vocabulary, such as buying clothes, shoes and similar kinds of items no matter the place you are.

Finally, we can ensure that a dictionary is always a good ally when it comes to doubts; and it is important you remember that practice makes perfect. Don’t forget to check out our blog post with 30 useful Spanish phrases for travel.