25 Funny Spanish Insults and Swear Words

Spanish insults and swear words

25 Funny Spanish Insults and Swear Words

by Mar 24, 2018Spanish Articles, Spanish Vocabulary

In several occasions, “shit happens” and you might want to take revenge on someone who offends you or has a reprehensible behavior against you or anyone you love. Therefore, it is useful to know Spanish insults and swear words to at least drain some or all of your anger.

Similarly, you will want to know the right words at the right time and respond to that unpleasant person. You may also want to say idiot in Spanish or other funny Spanish insults to get revenge.

Likewise, we will show you a list of swear words in Spanish that will get you out of trouble (or even get you into trouble if you say them to the wrong person or at a bad time).

List of Spanish insults and swear words

  • Manganzón/Holgazán – Lazy/Good-for-nothing
  • Don Nadie/Pelagatos – Mr. Nobody/Nobodies
  • Energúmeno – Madman
  • Cabeza de pinga – Dickhead
  • Huevón – Jerk
  • Malasangre – Bad blood
  • Cizañero – Shit-stirrer
  • Lengua floja/Chismoso – Loose-tongued
  • Metiche/Entrometido – Nosy
  • Malparido – Bastard
  • Porquería/Mierda – Bullshit
  • Bolas/Huevos – Balls/Testicles
  • Idiota/Tonto – Idiot/Dumbass
  • Baboso/Adulador – Sycophant
  • Mocoso/Piojoso – Brat
  • Patán – Asshole
  • Miserable – Cheap
  • Sinvergüenza – Shameless/Scoundrel
  • Bellaco/Ruín – Deceitful/Cheater
  • Pedorro – Someone who expels smelly gases from the anus/Something which is poorly done
  • Pelele/Pusilánime – Pusillanimous
  • Buscapleitos – Troublemaker/Bully
  • Sanguijuela – Leech
  • Calientabraguetas/Calientapollas – Woman who sexually excites a man without any intention of having sex
  • Lameculos – Ass-kisser

Moreover, it is clear that every country has its own Spanish insults and swear words, even in different regions of the same country, so it can be very diverse as well as the vocabulary is. We recommend you to be careful with the moments when and the places where you say these words if you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or cause trouble. Be wise with these insults!

Finally, we give you several great examples of these Spanish insults and swear words and the context where they can be used:

  • If a woman is tired of her husband she could say “Mi esposo es un holgazán y me tiene harta, no quiere hacer nada en todo el día” which means “My husband is a good-for-nothing and I’m sick of him, he doesn’t want to do anything all day long”.
  • In case someone is too nosy and you want him/her to get back in his/her own business you can say “no seas tan metiche, que nadie te está llamando” which means “don’t be so nosy, that nobody is calling you”.
  • If you have a co-worker who tries too hard of gain your boss’ favor you can say something like “no te van a ascender sólo por ser un lameculos” which means “you’re not going to be promoted just for being an ass-kisser”.