27 Bad Words in Spanish and What They Mean

bad words in spanish and what they mean

27 Bad Words in Spanish and What They Mean

by May 14, 2018Spanish Articles, Spanish Vocabulary

27 bad words in Spanish and what they mean

One of the “funniest” parts of learning a new language is about memorizing inappropriate vocabulary; so if 25 Funny Spanish Insults and Swear Words wasn’t enough for you, here are 27 bad words in Spanish and what they mean, it could make you cooler in front of your friends or guarantee you to have an “ace up the sleeve” in certain circumstances.

Likewise, learning the act of swearing in Spanish will allow you to choose the right words in the situations which deserve it. If someone is being disrespectful to you in this language and thinks that you don’t understand, you can read the following list and add the adequate comeback to every occasion and obtain the reaction you want.

Bad words in Spanish and what they mean

  • Jódete/Púdrete – Fuck you/Screw you
  • Shit – Mierda
  • Maldición – Damn it
  • Hijo de puta/Hijo de perra – Motherfucker/Son of a bitch
  • Puta/Perra – Whore/Bitch
  • Maricón/Marica – Fagot/Sissy
  • Idiota/Imbécil – Asshole/Idiot
  • Estúpido/Pendejo – Stupid/Moron
  • Jodido/Maldito – Fucking
  • Coger – To fuck
  • Huevón – Jerk
  • Maldito – Bloody
  • Verga – Dick/Cock
  • Culo – Ass
  • Coño – Cunt/Slit
  • Cabrón – Bastard
  • Chupaverga – Cocksucker
  • Cagar – To crap/To shit
  • Vete a la mierda – Fuck off

Also, if you are learning bad words in Spanish and what they mean you must take the geographic region into consideration because each word can have a different meaning depending on the place. In some places a “bad word” could mean nothing or even an apparently “innocent” word may cause a misunderstanding and offend someone.

Bonus section – Colloquial Spanish curse words

  • Gilipollas – Asshole (Spain)
  • Concha – Cunt (Argentina)
  • Gonorrea – Bastard (Colombia)
  • Culiao – Wanker/Someone who has been penetrated anally (Chile)
  • Arrecho – Pissed off (Venezuela)
  • Chingar – To fuck (Mexico)
  • Lame huevos – Bootlicker (Ecuador)
  • Tortillera – Lesbian (Panamá)

This way, always being aware of the context, you can make sentences to learn to swear in Spanish, for example, to answer if someone tries to be rude with you with “vete a la mierda, maldito imbécil”, which would be something like “fuck off, you fucking asshole”. Also, if you can warn someone about another person you can say “cuidado con él, es tremendo hijo de puta” which means “beware of him, he is a son of a bitch”; and even if you just want to have fun with a man you can say “Me quiero coger a ese tipo” which means “I want to fuck that guy”.

If there is anything we didn’t cover in this article that you would like to know, you can always find more on SpanishDict or other resources on the internet. But if you haven’t seen these 25 Spanish insults and swear words, I suggest you check that out next!